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Husband, Father, Pilot, Legislator and Team Player

My wife Chris and I have lived in Eagle River for 26 years, raising our kids and watching our community grow. It's been an honor to serve the last eight years as state representative for Chugiak-Eagle River & JBER, and it would be a privilege to continue to serve as your state Senator. May I have your vote in the Republican primary on August 21? My Values >

Military Matters

I am proud to represent JBER in Juneau. Eagle River and Chugiak have a rich history of support for our military service men and women. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Dan Saddler for State Senate

Saddler Family

My Commitment to You

I believe public service is a sacred trust, and take very seriously my oath to protect and defend the Constitution in service to my constituents.


You have my commitment to work tirelessly to uphold the Constitution, act only in your best interests, serve ethically and honestly, communicate clearly about what I do and why, and reflect honorably on our beloved Chugiak-Eagle River.

It would be a privilege to continue to serve, and to have your vote on August 21.

Community Matters

I'm humbled by the strong support and friendship I've received from Chugiak-Eagle River over the last eight years. Thank you!

Community Support

Dan Saddler

Delivering Conservative Results

A good legislator must be productive, not just provocative. I'm proud to work effectively with others to deliver conservative results – achieving real budget cuts, advancing positive bills into law, blocking government overreach, brokering creative solutions, and always advancing the ball down the field. First downs lead to touchdowns! Some of my best "plays" include:

Dan In The News

Careful & Conservative

As a long-time Alaska pilot, I've developed the skills to lead:

  • Strong moral compass
  • Years of command experience
  • Record of delivering results
  • Calm under pressure

Careful and Conservative

Dan Saddler


Alaska's been home for 30 years -- 26 of them in Eagle River, where my wife, Chris and I have raised our family and are now enjoying our grandchildren. After my journalism career, I entered public service because I believe our Founding Fathers had it right – free men must step up and govern themselves to protect their God-given rights.

I'm a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business, pro-resource development, small government kind of guy. Honesty, integrity, discipline, selflessness, respect and hard work are the keys to success for an individual. I believe Alaska does best when these values guide our state's decisions and actions, too.

For fun, I fly airplanes, fish, play music and write songs, read history, and enjoy Chugiak and Eagle River football and Chinooks baseball. If you see me around town, just wave – I'll be glad to stop and chat!

Dan Saddler


They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps – and by his friends and supporters. I am proud that all of these folks are endorsing me as the best candidate to serve Chugiak-Eagle River & JBER in the State Senate.

  • State Sen. Anna MacKinnon
  • Former State Sen. Fred Dyson
  • Former State Sen. Randy Phillips
  • State Sen. Natasha von Imhof
  • State Sen. Gary Stevens
  • Crystal Kennedy
  • Susie Gorski
  • Susan Fischetti
  • Ted Carlson
  • Bill Starr
  • Bobbi Wells
  • Larry Wood
  • Dawayne Anderson
  • Merry Braham
  • Chuck Homan II
  • Dr. Ray Bailey M.D.
  • Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant and Retailers Association
  • Sportsmen’s Conservation Alliance
  • Alaska Business Report Card - Grade of "A"
  • Brad Gamble
  • Michael Foster
  • Kim Skipper
  • Col. Suellyn Novak
  • Linda Leary
  • Alisha Hilde
  • Curtis McQueen
  • Jim Palmer
  • Ellen Wood
  • Brig. Gen. Mike Bridges
  • Debbie Ossiander
  • Tonya Gamble
  • Rudy von Imhoff
  • Jason Brune
  • Jim and Pam Yeargan
  • Dave Schade
  • Gilbert Ramos
  • Alaska State Homebuilding Association

All endorsements made and confirmed since June 1, 2018

Listening Matters

Listening to constituents is the foundation of good public policy, and good legislators keep constituents informed of the issues facing Alaska. I work hard to know what's on your mind, and share what's on my agenda.  Please Contact Me >

Communication Matters

Fred Dyson supports Dan Saddler

Voting Resources

The primary election is August 21. Here are some resources to make easier for you to vote Dan Saddler for State Senate!


Dan Saddler

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