Discussing policy in Juneau


    My top legislative accomplishments include:

    • Serving as vice-chair of the House Finance Committee, responsible for the $2.4 billion budget of the Department of Health and Social Services
    • Winning passage of a bill authorizing tax-exempt savings accounts so Alaskans with disabilities and their families can build their own financial resources to provide for their own needs
    • Passing a bill to provide state licensure for Applied Behavioral Analysts to improve professional services to provide better care for Alaskans with autism and other behavioral challenges
    • Co-chairing House Resources Committee that both reformed Alaska oil taxes to attract new investment, and advanced work on natural gas pipeline/LNG project
    • Helping veterans get civilian academic and vocational credit for military experience and training
    • Helping veterans with driving experience get good civilian jobs by waiving their Commercial Driver's License skills test
    • Ensuring public schools measure and report on how well they serve students who are military dependents
    • Calling on Congress to give Alaska a fair share of federal offshore oil and gas revenues
    • Reauthorizing the Alaska Minerals Commission to support responsible resource development
    • Creating a veteran designation on state drivers license and IDs, to help vets get government benefits and private industry discounts
    • Making it easier for active-duty soldiers and spouses to visit VFWs and American Legion posts on special occasions
    • Authorizing the Alaska Decoration of Honor for military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice
    • Authorizing professional licensing of autism service providers (BCBAs) to improve services and improve outcomes
    • Supporting investments in essential infrastructure like roads, bridges, drainage systems and fire stations